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Wellness Wedding
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Organizing a wedding is just half the battle

Having the possibility to organize a wedding is a blessing, getting your friends together with the stage of a great party will allow you to create the most beautiful memories of your union.

The Wellness Wedding is a program which runs parallel to our services where we help couples to arrive to their wedding in the best shape possible.

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Wellness is a new lifestyle where the aim is the balance among the mental, emotional and physical well-being of a person. This aims at taking us to a state of general wellness in order to have a much better balanced life. It is not fitness since fitness only focuses on exercising the body and muscles.

The human wellness has to go beyond what it encompasses in terms of health. Believing in wellness can actually open doors to a new way of developing happiness and enjoying life.

Wedding image
Wedding image

With The Wellness Wedding we can help you to have a healthy diet, do exercise, avoid bad habits, learn to use your free time, sleep well, analyze your feelings and many more things.

Spa, yoga, holistic therapies, physical training, acupuncture, sessions with psychologists and nutritionists. This is just a tiny part of what we can do for your wellness.

The wellness wedding has 3 possibilities:
1. Possibility 1

The vip program

It makes use of 4 pillars of wellness: diet, fitness, spiritual harmony and beauty.

2. Possibility 2

The health package

Perfect for couples who like arriving to their wedding in excellent shape, it is the best option for those interested in improving their skin and physical shape.

3. Possibility 3

The holistic package

It achieves harmony right at the vital spots, emotional balance, reduced stress. Arrive to your wedding day in good shape and spiritually healthy.

A stress-free wedding is possible

It is no secret to anyone that planning a wedding can generate tension to the bride and groom, so what is advised is that they arrive to the altar feeling happy to be there.

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